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At Activate Design, we offer copywriting services for customers who are having a website created with us, or for whom we are producing print material such as brochures, posters and flyers.

As a content writer at Activate Design myself, I have thoroughly enjoyed recent opportunities to provide seo copywriting and web content writing services to a variety of businesses throughout New Zealand, assisting in the process of creative website development with direct and concise content for new websites, and for purposes of refreshing and expanding website content to coincide with a website recreation, update or relaunch with a fresh new website design.

Recently completed content has been produced by us for a variety of businesses undertaking website development and print marketing, including builders, painters and decorators, property management organisations, bio-security and decontamination specialists, interior designers, home loan experts, sign writers, architects, glass repairers and more.

As a writer, it is a genuine pleasure and a welcome challenge to learn about such a variety of businesses. During a meeting, it does not take long to chat with a client about the most important aspects of their business to determine the main marketing aspects and areas of strength for showcasing on a website.

Written content for websites usually includes text for the following pages;

  • Homepage - overview of business and what they offer.
  • About page - about the development of the business and the team.
  • Services page - key factors about the services offered.
  • Products page - key factors about the products offered.
  • History page - establishment and history of the business, which could include product development, personal histories of key staff, historical locations and more.
  • Gallery page - inclusive of keyworded content in association with each image
  • Contact page - to add a map, photos of premises, opening hours and all contact information.

Content Writing Service

Studies have been done into the browsing habits of web users and it is generally understood that when a viewer lands on a website they will have made up their mind about the website suitability, in relation to their interests, in just a twentieth of the second.

What this means to a website development company is that each site must clearly display the nature of the business it represents, and offer attractive easily accessible information and written content such as clear headings and shorter sentences, to entice a viewer to read on.

Websites are not libraries. They are on the surface - quick-reference material for those on the go, while also containing more in-depth information for interested viewers.

A websites more in-depth information, such as how the business was established and relevant experience of key staff, is also invaluable in providing validity for a business. For example, if a viewer is looking for an established company to manage the development and manufacture of a product, they will be looking for a website page on business history. This page should then provide the necessary information to validate the companies industry expertise. Whereas other viewers may simply be looking for an address and some quick contact information.

Personally, I often look up sites such as art stores to find their open-hours - and how frustrating it is when they're not listed! Make sure you list all possible information on your site so that your website is working for you 24/7 as a reference, a point of contact, and a proof of your validity as a professional in your industry.

I enjoy the challenge of writing content because, for the most part, the workings, history, and products and services of business people that I meet are all an expedition into the unknown. I believe this introductory perspective is as great an advantage as it is a challenge, in that the content produced from learning about business for the first time is then perhaps more clearly explained and defined than it otherwise would be if the writer were overly familiar with the company products and history.

The perspective of the writing can sometimes differ to suit what is best for a particular business. Sometimes the written perspective works best as being in the first person, for example, "welcome to the Blue Shoe Company, we offer your our exquisite shoes in a variety of designs". At other times a third person perspective seems to work better with a particular website, for example, "Blue Shoe Company offer products with a unique style and flair". WIth a third person style, I like to include quotes from the management and staff, to ensure the site does speak directly to its audience. Testimonials are also a great thing to include in your website content!

I believe in the discretionary nature of content writing as an esoteric service, provided for our clients with the intention of enabling them to speak directly to an online audience. Because of this belief, I have not listed examples of websites for whom this service has been provided. However, if you are interested in looking at examples please contact me - Crystal at Activate Design, and I can advise on examples of completed content writing work, and discuss the provision of copywriting for your business website or printed marketing material.


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