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Send Your Newsletters With ActiveMail

ActiveMail is your simple newsletter solution for sending beautifully designed emails to your customers.


Do you need more regular contact with your clients?

  • Do you have list of clients that you don't keep in contact with?
  • Would you like an easy way to let your contacts know about your latest news?
  • Would you like to create your own separate clients lists in one system, to provide relevant information to the right group of people?
  • Would you like to promote your projects, products and experience.


At Activate Design we have a unique ActiveMail system that allows you to easily setup contact lists and create beautifully designed newsletters to send to your clients.

Our ActiveMail system will let your customers easily unsubscribe, should they wish to, without the worry of your newsletters sending spam or becoming an annoyance.

We can create an attractive Newsletter template for you so that every newsletter you create has your own unique ‘look’. See newsletter examples below;

Email Newsletter Examples




Once you have a template, creating your newsletter is very simple. Your unique template will have areas for your images and text to be inserted, and you may have more than one template to give you more options on how many articles you wish to send on each newsletter.

As per sample below, this shows editing of the main newsletter article, by simply clicking a small "edit" button in that area. The photos work the same.

You are able to see the final newsletter before you send it, and you are able to send as many test newsletters to yourself or workmates as you choose, to ensure you are happy with it before it goes out.

ActiveMail Email Newsletter Editor


Newsletters create loyalty. Having a newsletter that you can send out monthly, or when you have news or events to promote is a wonderful marketing tool and the best way of ensuring good communication between yourself and your customers.

With professional newsletters for your small or large business, you can keep your customers in touch with all things related to your business.

Here are some ideas for your newsletters;

  • Additional services
  • Free quotes or free upgrades
  • Resources related to your business
  • Articles of interest
  • Announcements such as moving premises
  • Upcoming events
  • Invitations

A newsletter is the perfect compliment to your website as it is the best way to give people a reason to return to your site. Your website should be your online one stop shop, providing all your information to new and existing customers 24-7, and if you are keeping it updated with new images and information, then you will be earning good rankings, and encouraging new people to visit.

Use your newsletters to entice people to visit your website, where they can see related products or services that they otherwise may not know about. 

  • Offering newsletter articles that draw people back to your website for "the full story"
  • Mentioning new events with a link back to your website to see more images
  • Having a link to your website to signup for a free trial or voucher
  • Talk about events or holidays that they can book for on your site

Get in touch with us to have your own newsletter system as a valuable tool for the promotion of your business, and for the interest of your customers. And remember, if you have a Facebook page then now is the time to invite your Facebook audience to sign up to your newsletter. That way, in the midst of the changing tide of how Facebook operates, you will always have that valuable list of customers who are genuinely interested about the products and services you provide.

Contact us if you would like to find out more information about ActiveMail newsletter system, or give us a call on 0800 30 8996.

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