The constant growth of online technology, systems and education.

The future of business is growing on the internet.

The key to this future is websites.

Website growth website project startBecause of this focus on internet systems for business, to be competitive you need an online presence. Where we once looked to printed directories for business information, we now turn to our cellphones for mobile websites, or access the internet via our iPads and Laptop computers while on the go.

But not only has the way we view information changed, so has our attitude towards it. A website with animated introduction, sound effects and buttons that move and become visual features actually works to your disadvantage.

We can access the information quickly, thus we want to view the information quickly and simply. We want no-frills information without flashy effects and neon sign in-your-face advertising. Internet users want standard button navigation and pages. Home page should be home page and contact page where your contact information is found. There's no need to get too clever - accessing a website for information should be an act that requires an absolute minimum of thought - everything should be quick, and plainly obvious, and that is what your audience will appreciate.

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  • Home Page - loaded and ready with a concise explanation of what you offer. Clear, large headings and clean navigation should be offered. This is your chance to get people to stay on your site, which they won't do if it's complicated, animated, or too clever.
  • Contact Page - clearly list all of your contact information. Open hours are always helpful for your customers, as is a map to your premises.
  • About Us - if viewers are not in a hurry they will take the time to learn more about you here, on additional pages that go more in depth into your business.
  • Image Gallery - the quickest way to see what you offer is to look at the pictures. Ensure you show only good quality images, and a brief description under each image is a bonus.

Click here for a recent blog on Almost Perfect Websites, and the small things that are missing or overdone. Great tips to turn a good website into a great one!

Click here for some excellent pointers on Effective Web Design. Great for when you're thinking about launching an online presence or improving on an existing one, this page also offers some clear information about Activate Design's unique Web Design Process.

More recently there has been growth in students training to be “white-hat” hackers. These skilled people are in great demand by Government Agencies, private Cyber Security Firms, and many major software and internet-based companies. Students are trained to hack systems, then report any flaws in security so they can be fixed to prevent future hacking. The way internet technology is advancing, companies will need more and more people trained to test their online systems, websites, payment areas and more, to prevent security lapses and constantly improve methods of maintaining online security.

Website growth website developmentNowadays students are learning to identify and solve issues in internet systems, ultimately to prevent hackers from gaining access and causing havok. An increasing number of companies with internet based systems have come to realise the importance of employing such people.

What can you do to ensure you have the best website security? Ensure that your website is being hosted on a local New Zealand based server.  You can get cheap website hosting in India or various countries around the world, but what you are risking is the security of your website. Good server security prevents hackers from accessing your website and online systems. Local servers mean a better chance of contacting your host provider should you need too.

It is also important to note that the server your website is hosted on can effect your websites performance and speed in a negative way. It can also effect your site if the server is too full, crammed with other websites and thus becoming comparatively slow, or by not being maintained to highest standards.

Click the link for more information on our Secure Website Hosting in Christchurch.

Once your know your website hosting will be secure, ensure your online presence is a complimentary reflection of your business.

See our Online Portfolio for recent examples of our work, and contact us to see how we can raise the bar on your website so you are competitive within your industry. Ensure that your website is attracting new and repeat customers with the right amount of information, professionalism, clarity and functionality that your website presence should project as a front for your business.

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