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5 reasons to hire a professional web designer

professional web designer NZ

Professionally developed websites are a powerful tool that any business can use to connect with customers and provide a positive experience for them. Sure, there are many build-your-own website building services out there, but they are only a ‘platform’, and the quality of the end result still depends mainly on your input and design skills.

Retail businesses employ professional shop fitters to design and build their store to ensure their goods are well displayed and enticing for customers. Why wouldn’t you want the same for your website? Whether you’re a consumer-facing or B2B business - your website is your ‘front door’ and usually the first interaction a customer has with your company.

When done well, a professional website can convert a casual browser into a valuable customer. However, some businesses still balk at the idea of paying for professional web designer services. But here’s the flip side—how many customers are you unknowingly losing because your website is turning them off? 

Read on as we offer five reasons why you should leave your website development in the hands of an expert.

#1: Good design attracts more customers

In many ways, maintaining a retail website isn’t that different from running a physical store. To make sales and become a profitable business, you need to attract customers. Brick-and-mortar establishments do this by investing significantly in merchandising.

An eye-catching window display will entice people into your store. They get a good idea of what you’re selling, and the attractive display draws them in for a browse.

People browsing your website are looking for a similar experience, namely:

  • An attractive layout
  • Products or services that are easy to find
  • A professional-looking business

#2: Web Developers make the browsing experience more user-friendly

In the same way as store layouts are designed to maximise sales - a professional web developer employs design techniques to keep the user browsing your website. A well-functioning user interface (UI) and a good user experience (UX) are two essential elements in a successful website. A good UI will provide users with good UX and ultimately encourage them to act, whether submitting an enquiry or making a purchase.

In addition to being easily navigable, your website should also load quickly. Research conducted by American content delivery network Akamai shows that 53% of users abandon visits to a website if a page takes longer than three seconds to load on mobile.

Your website should also be responsive across both desktop and mobile devices. Sites that are not mobile-friendly lose a significant percentage of users who primarily use their smartphones and tablets to browse and make online purchases.

#3: Good design improves recall

We’ve already talked about how you can use good web design to make a lasting first impression. Well designed sites also create a consistent experience for the user, which helps build trust and improves brand recall.

Take Facebook as an example. Both the website and the mobile app use the same dominant shade of blue—it’s become a recognisable trademark in its own right. When we see that exact shade of blue against a white background, many of us would instantly recognise it, even subconsciously, as the Facebook colours.

Here at Activate Design, our team of professional web developers includes a graphic designer. We can create a complete aesthetic for your business and apply it across your website, logo, letterhead, in-store experience and anywhere else your customers interact with your brand.

#4: Good design projects your credibility

Online, the adage about not judging a book by its cover is flawed by default. In most cases, users only have ‘the cover’ to go on, and 75% of them make judgments about the credibility of your business just from the way your website looks. This judgment may seem unfair, but it’s one of the realities of the digital marketplace that you must address.

An outdated website gives the impression that whoever is running it isn’t up with the play. Likewise, inaccurate or poorly-researched content can make users question your products or doubt the legitimacy of your business. Regularly updating your website will help you rank better on Google - this means keeping up with blog posts and refreshing your look from time to time. Generating good shareable content attracts more visitors to your site and lends your site more authority, which is good for SEO.

#5: Professional web developers optimise your site for SEO

Just like a TV commercial or a print ad, your website is an important marketing tool. Developing the site is only part of what a good website developer offers. To get your website seen by your target audience, you need a combination of strategies, including:

  • SEO Optimisation
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Social media promotion

Many DIY websites perform poorly in search results because they’re built on a standard template and are not optimised for SEO. Embedding keywords in your content is only one of many tools web developers employ to make sure your website is well recognised by search engines.

Many of these SEO techniques require coding expertise and up-to-date knowledge of SEO trends. Professional website designers engage copywriters to craft content that is rich in keywords and highly readable for the user.

The ongoing global pandemic has highlighted the importance of an effective online presence for companies, so they can continue to operate and adapt to changing circumstances. E-commerce has become an essential service, and you need the support of a professional web developer to ensure you deliver the best possible service to your customers.

Paying for a professional website designer might feel like a significant investment at first, but it will pay for itself again and again. With a well-designed website, you can showcase your brand’s best qualities, while differentiating yourself from your competitors.


If you are considering hiring a web designer for your website need —talk to the team at Activate Design. We do web design, graphic design, app development, branding, content marketing and SEO optimisation. We’d love to hear from you.

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